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Teaches Responsible Spending Habits that Last.

Get Instant Text Alerts.

Use Everywhere Debit MasterCard® is Accepted.

Instantly Lock and Unlock Card.

Strict Spending Limits & Easy Monitoring

  • No credit checks & no credit risks.
  • Instantly lock & unlock the card.
  • Safer than cash.
  • Lower fees than bank cards.
  • Accepted anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted.
  • No overdraft fees.
  • Easy reload from your PC or SmartPhone.


"The experience positively impacted my relationship, in that it was a tool to open up new conversations for us about money and the management of money."

- Kristi H.

Easy to load from any account or digital location

Parents can now fund their teen's BMP SpendSmart Card in a number of ways, in a matter of seconds: From any bank account, credit card, phone or online.

Perfect for allowances

Whether your teen lives at home or is off at boarding school or college, BMP allows you to set up recurring allowances on your teen's SpendSmart Card. Learn how you'll save money by doing so.

The ultimate gift card

Your teen will love that anyone in the family or any friend can load money up on their card. It makes it perfect for birthdays, special occasions or for parents with teens living in different households.

Download the BMP App for free

Available for Android or iPhone, the BMP smartphone app is another simple way to keep up with your teen's balances and purchases when you're on the go. More than one teen? The app even allows you to manage multiple accounts.

Use safely anywhere debit MasterCard Is accepted

Your teen will love that anyone in the family or any friend can load money up on their card. It makes it perfect for birthdays, special occasions or for parents with teens living in different households.

Instant text alerts keep you connected as purchases happen

The BMP SpendSmart Card texts your phone in real-time—notifying a parent of their teen's most recent purchases and their balance. It also tells you when, where and at what time your teen used their card.

Lock and unlock their card via text

It's easy to stop unwanted purchases or lock the card if misplaced, all with a text message. Instantly lock and unlock the card: text a 1 to block the card, or a 2 to unlock it.

The card keeps you informed of their balance

The BMP SpendSmart Card keeps everyone updated on how much money is left on the card at all times, letting parents and teens know where the money went or when it's time to load more funds.

The BMP SpendSmart Card always listens to you

Ultimately, while your kids may not respond to you right away, the BMP SpendSmart Card always does. It adheres to the messages you send and always communicates the truth back to you.

Lock the card from wherever you are

Whether it's carelessly being used or if it's lost or stolen, freeze your teen's card in an instant with the push of a button or simple text. You can just as simply unlock the card in a matter of seconds.

Add emergency funds in seconds

Is your teen out of funds or on a school trip a few states away? Now, you can instantly add funds from virtually anywhere if they run out of money. It's just another way the BMP SpendSmart Card is smarter and safer than cash.

Blocked at bad places

The BMP SpendSmart Card is equipped with built in blocking features to keep your teens from buying in places they shouldn't be. So long as there are funds on the card, it can be safely used just about anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted.

No credit risk. No overdraft. Safe online.

Since the reloadable BMP SpendSmart Card is prepaid, there is never any risk of them spending more than what is on the card. There is never any credit risk to either the teen or parent, it keeps everyone's personal information secure and it's safe to use for online purchases.

It keeps you safe from identity theft and fraud

The prepaid BMP SpendSmart Card is the safest option for protecting you both from identity theft when items are purchased in a retail or online environment. It's the smartest way to protect you and your teen from fraud.

Teachable moments happen

Just sitting down with your teen to review their daily and monthly spending will go a long way in forming the right type of spending habits. It's all available and accessible to both you and your teen online.

Freeze the card. Have the conversation. Then unlock.

Not buying what your teens are buying? Take advantage of teaching opportunities when you see them. Lock their card, have the difficult conversation and then unlock the card when you think they're ready.

They'll learn to use plastic – without the risk

Your teens will love having the credibility of plastic. The BMP SpendSmart Card gives them real life, hands on training to managing a budget without having to worry about credit risks or overdraft fees. It's a simple way for you to monitor their spending and step in if and when necessary.

More resources to help you

From our budget-tracking worksheet to an allowance calculator, our resource center provides the latest tips and tools both you and your teen can turn to for smarter spending and budgeting advice. See for yourself at our Resource Center.

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