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BillMyParents MasterCard Mobile App

BillMyParents, The Responsible Teen Spending Company™, delivers an innovative, prepaid card service to parents and their teens that improves the way modern families talk about and manage money. BillMyParents helps develop responsible teen spending habits that last… one transaction at a time.

The BillMyParents MasterCard® is an instantly trackable, reloadable, prepaid MasterCard that develops responsible teen spending habits and improves the way modern families and teens manage money, one purchase at a time:

  • The BillMyParents Card’s family load features make it easy for parents & families to manage the money they give their teens.
  • The BillMyParents Card’s instant alerts & real-time service keep the card, teens, and parents, connected via mobile/smartphone and online.
  • The BillMyParents Card’s parental controls let parents track, monitor and teach as purchases happen, at their discretion.
  • The BillMyParents Card’s secure prepaid platform protects the teen’s money, and everyone’s personal information, including online.

BillMyParents MasterCard AccountBillMyParents promotes responsible teen spending, keeping parents & teens communicating, connected and protected, in real-time, as purchases happen.

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